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Get creative! : Fun celebration cakes themes to build your party around

Cakes are amazing – they are the life and soul of any party, celebration and wedding. Can you imagine any party being great without a cake in it? Well, it is impossible, because cake means fun, love and great times! Cake making is an art and since the importance of cake is so much, bakers […]

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Bestie birthday: Last moment quick fix awesome ideas for fun and happy birthday!

Okay, so it’s your bestie’s birthday, and you are panicking because she is so awesome you can’t think of any good enough ideas to match up with her personality! Don’t panic, take a deep breath and read on; we have some great and personal ideas to give her a great birthday that is personal, thoughtful […]

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5 important points to keep in mind while planning kid’s birthday party

If there is one thing that kids enjoy a lot, it is their birthday parties. Perhaps, the decorated room, the cake, friends and the special attention that they get all add up to the setting. And hence, it becomes imperative to plan out every excruciating detail to ensure that the best is planned for them. […]

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