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Cake Levelling is a Breeze with Right Methods

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Cakes are always delicious and add a pinch of scrumptiousness and charm in any occasion. But what if you enhance the delight of a cake to a next level? Have you ever thought about levelling a cake? Yes, you can do that, and it won’t just enhance the looks but taste too.

Why should you level a cake?

Once you level a cake, the flat surface is going to make for easier stacking of layers. These won’t wobble once stacked. Then it also creates a more professional appearance, as well as a convenient surface for decorating.

If you don’t have any clue what this levelling is all about and what it does; then don’t panic. Remember, cakes don’t mystically bake flat. In general, these cakes would puff up a bit around centre that would make for something of a “roof.” Levelling the cake is the procedure of slicing the roof off the cake so that instead of a roof, it is a flat surface.

So, are you ready to level your cake?  That is wonderful. First, of all make sure that you are patient. You will have to allow a just-baked cake cool for nearly an hour before levelling. If you try to do that before the cake has been “set,” it may lead to disordered result i.e. crumbs everywhere and a rough, jagged cut.

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Once the cake you have has cooled a bit, below are a few methods for you to level it:

Serrated Knife

The first thing you can do is, just use a Serrated Knife. It is the most basic technique of levelling a cake. First, make sure that you place your cake on a flat surface or board, dome-side up. Then once it is done, move knife backward and forward in a gentle cutting motion to eradicate the crown. You may find that placing the cake on a cake stand and then rotating while you cut is easier than placing the cake static.  In any case, try to keep the knife as equal as possible while you cut.

A Cake Leveller

You can also use a Cake Leveller. You just need to place the cake on a cake board. Adjust ends of the cutting wire to your wanted height. With the legs on work area, gently make the cutting wire into your cake by making use of a gentle sawing wave. Once it has passed through cake’s crust, mildly pull the wire through cake until it slips out on the other end; the dome must chop off nicely and evenly. These levellers are easy to use, and you can enjoy a constant outcome.

Go Ahead!

Well, now you are completely ready to prepare your cakes as gorgeous and professional looking as they are scrumptious to eat! Come on, why to keep the charm and praise till taste and tang when the looks and designs can also contribute?

And remember you can always get a delicious cake through options like online birthday cake delivery in Jaipur, but sometimes, it is great to enjoy a delicious time with a cake prepared and decorated by you at home too!

Thus, cake levelling is not a big deal if you have the right ways. Since you just came across a few of them; don’t forget to give these methods a try!


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