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Buy Sweets And Gifts To Celebrate The Festival Of Raksha Bandhan

Gifts Raksha Bandhan

The relationship or bonding between the sister and brother is just exclusive and is away from the description in terminology. The bond between the siblings is amazing and is specified significance in each and every part of the world. The relationship becomes more essential so there is a festival called the Raksha Bandhan which is devoted for the sibling love when it comes to India.

The Rakhi is one of the famous Hindu festivals which is celebrated in India and Nepal country to be a symbol of the love or relationship between a brother and sister. Rakhi is also known as the Raksha Bandhan. One the full moon day of Hindu in the month of August the occasion of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated. The Raksha Bandhan is standing for the protection and Bandhan means the verb. Together the festival is considered as the endless love of brother and sister relationship it does not only mean the blood relationship. This festival is celebrated among the cousins, sister in law, sister, nephew and other relations.

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

This festival is mainly celebrated between the sister and brother. On this occasion, the sisters apply Tilak to their brother’s forehead. And then tie thread called the Rakhi to the wrist of the brother and do aarti and pray to the god for their life and health. Then they share sweets between them. The Rakhi represents the love and the bond of protection. The brother will give a gift to their sisters.

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