Birthday cakes with name and picture


A Birthday cake is a part of celebrating a birthday in all over the world tradition. To make this moment more memorable, we are choosing this different and trendy way of expressing our love for our dear one through customizing the photo and name through ONLINE CAKE DELIVERY IN KOTA with a special quote for that person.

Through this idea, we can make that person’s birthday special which he or she can cherish that unforgettable moment whole year.

Birthday cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of bread, but nowadays, birthday cake cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple, elegant, out of the box design and unique.

The idea of customized photo and name of the birthday person on a birthday cake is on demand when we talk about kids. Kids feel very special when they see their favorite cartoon character photo on a birthday cake or even for adult’s you can print their photos on a cake that to be an edible one.

 What makes photos on cake edible?

Edible icing sheet:

They are thin paper sheets which are flexible and can be used in the printer with edible ink that is easily available nowadays. And with the help of edible markers, sprinkles, shimmer you can decorate it accordingly.

They are also very easy to place in a cake, just you have to apply a thin layer of water with the help of a brush and they get to stick to the surface of the cake. They are also quite costly and difficult to store.

Wafer paper:

Also known as rice paper is a starch based paper made, up from potato starch or rice starch. It is slightly transparent than icing sheet and maintains its shape quite sturdily. Because of it transparent texture printing on wafer sheets came out a little blurred and lacks a little vibrancy.

How to write a name on cakes:

Like we teach our toddler a writing in a paper, it a similar way just you have to follow this tips to get it right.

Write in cursive:

Baking expert says that it’s easier to write in cursive from the piping bag than to lift the bag each and every time. A single steady stream of cursive will not be easier to practice but, also look elegant and fancier when you are a pro at it.

Practice it with markers:

Hold the in the same manner as, you are holding a piping bag, write your name or message few times so that your hand will learn the motion of making a letter with a piping bag.

Trace the message with skewer directly on a cake:

Still, you are scared of writing it directly on a cake, grab a skewer or any pointed object and trace your message directly in a cake. The good thing about tracing is if you make any mistake it can be corrected easily, by again smoothing the cake.

You can also use squeeze bottle if you are not comfortable with a piping bag, follow your trace mark and icing will cover up the tracing marks.

For such professional handwritten, personalized message, name and picture on a cake, you can easily ORDER CAKE IN KOTA for such a specialty.

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