Bhai dooj– Celebration of love between brother’s & sister’s


Festivals like Bhai Duj convey simple lessons of love and bonding, caring and sharing. Invaluable lessons indeed, considering the troubled and violent times we live in, today, reiterating bonds of love that remain as relevant today as they were then…

Bhai Dooj is celebrated by brothers and sisters in India on the fifth day of Diwali festival. On Bhaidooj sisters’ apply tika on their brother’s forehead and pray for their longevity and health. Brothers reciprocate by presenting Bhai Dooj Gifts to sisters and blessing them. Delight your sibling on Bhai Dooj by sending Bhaidooj Gifts from our trendy and thoughtful collection of Bhaiya Duj Gifts for bother & sisters!


Bhai Dooj Gifts…

It is customary for sisters to give gifts of sweets and dry fruits on this auspicious day. The brother in return offers his sister a token of commitment in the form of a gift. Traditionally brothers gave money to their sisters, but today gifting at Bhai Dooj is dominated by the stretch of imagination.


Bhai dooj is festival of prayers from

sister to brother, brother’s protection

for her sister. May this Bhai dooj

we all celebrate it with even more love

and protection for our sisters and brothers.

Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj

Happy Bhaiya Dooj

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