eggless cake delivery in Jaipur

Bestie birthday: Last moment quick fix awesome ideas for fun and happy birthday!

Birthday Online Cake

Okay, so it’s your bestie’s birthday, and you are panicking because she is so awesome you can’t think of any good enough ideas to match up with her personality! Don’t panic, take a deep breath and read on; we have some great and personal ideas to give her a great birthday that is personal, thoughtful and very happy!

Go on an adventure together: If she appreciates adventure but can’t get around doing something happening on her own, get her out and about! Surprise her, don’t tell her where you are taking her during the car ride, and then, lo! A beautiful, scenic balloon ride or adrenaline pumping paragliding picnic outing! Isn’t that a great way to make a birthday memorable?

Order a cake online and get it delivered midnight: Let the night be happening by ordering a cake online and getting it midnight to her! These days this service is available everywhere – be it any city or eating preference. Get even eggless cake delivery in Jaipur for a good price and flexible delivery timing option using online ordering and see the smile on your bestie’s face grow bigger!

eggless cake delivery in Jaipur

Create a memory booth: Memories are more precious than any gift or experience. Your bestie and you are together for a long time; you must have many of her pictures and other personal mementos like hand drawings, event memorabilia, return gifts, etc. Make an explosion box or memory album and write down your heartfelt emotions in there. Even scrapbooks are a nice way to showcase memory objects. It is the most lovable gift, which can be put together with ease (and also professional help) and leaves a lasting impact which will be cherished for a long time to come.

Flowers go with everything: Are you prepared with your gift but still feel that it is incomplete or there is no ‘wow’ factor? Do you want to express more and still be classy about it – flowers are the answer. Flowers say ‘I care’ more than any words might ever say, so grab a bunch of her favourite blooms right before you arrive to surprise her on her birthday. Pick fresh and vibrant flowers to go with her choice, personality, and mood and put a huge smile on her face of her special day!

Decorate her space: An effort to decorate her space with her kind of items for her special day will speak volumes about your affection for her. Let her enjoy a pampering session at the spa while you redo her living spaces to some special effect – this totally depends on her style and your budget and whether she likes other people touching her space that way. But do add a few elements to make it look different and special, just like her!

– Cook for her (if you can): Treat your bestie with a small handmade meal if you can pull it off, and this says more than that expensive hamper you bought her! When you cook for someone, it shows how much you love them because you have taken out time to fill them with loving handmade food.

Say it with gestures and express your love for your bestie on her birthday using these simple yet fun ideas, along with your gift.

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