8 Best Shops to Buy Authentic Sweets in Jaipur

Sweets Shops Jaipur

Sweets are an essential part of the lives of Indians. Especially when it comes to festivals, the celebrations are incomplete without relishing on sweets. The beauty of Indian culture is that every state and region has their peculiar sweets and specialties, which are worth tasting. If you are in Jaipur, Rajasthan, you can find several sweet shops that sell authentic delicacies, which delight your taste buds.

Here’s a look at the best sweet shops in Jaipur, which you must visit to get a taste of unique flavors of Rajasthan:

  • Kanha Sweet Shop

best sweet shop in jaipur

Kanha is a famous sweet shop and multi-cuisine restaurant in Jaipur. You can choose from a variety of traditional sweets with authentic taste such as Ghevar, KajuBarfi, Balooshahi, DoodhMotipak, etc. here to delight your taste buds. If you wish to order sweets from Kanha online, giftjaipur.com is just a click away.

These are some of the renowned and best sweet shops in Jaipur, which are trusted by people for years. There is ample variety to choose from, and one can blindly trust on their quality and hygiene. Next time when you take a tour to Jaipur, don’t forget to visit these shops.

  • Doodh Mishthan Bhandar

best sweet shop in jaipur

The sweet shop is a decade old establishment which has evolved from a small store to a renowned chain of restaurants and sweet shops. Doodh Mishthan Bhandar sells a variety of sweet with unique flavors, which are best to be a part of any celebration and make for the ideal gift to friends and family. Some of their famous sweets are Rajbhog, Gulabjamun, KajuKatli, Ghevar, and Motichoorladdoos.

  • Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

best sweet shop in jaipur

When someone talks about sweets in Jaipur, LaxmiMishthanBhandar is an eminent name that comes to mind. Established long back, the shop is running successfully for decades. It is located in the Johri Bazaar at the center of the old city of Jaipur. Known for its delicious treats and sweets, the shop is famous for Special PaneerGhewar, DoodhFeeni, Mewa Bites, DoodhLaddoo, MishriMawa, Sohan Halwa, and Sohanpapdi.

  • Bhagat Mishthan Bhandar

best sweet shop in jaipur

BhagatMishthanBhandar is a famous sweet shop in Jaipur, which needs no introduction. Their laddoos are quite famous, which have retained their taste and popularity for years. We bet you can’t find a better tasting laddoo in Jaipur or even any other part of the country. The laddoos are prepared fresh every day. You need to taste it to know how heavenly they taste. Some of their famous sweet items are Doodhkeladdoo, Chaughanikeladdoo, Motichoorladdoo, Mewaladdoo, KesarBarfi, khopraBarfi, KajuKatli, KajuModak, Rajbhog, Rasbari, MakkhanBada, Malpua, and Boondi.

  • Amardeep sweets

best sweet shop in jaipur

If you haven’t tasted or heard about the ‘AkhrotkiBarfi’, then Amardeep sweets in Jaipur should be your next destination.  The walnut is definitely a show stealer but Amardeep sweets prepare various other sweets as well.

  • Sodhya Halwai

best sweet shop in jaipur

MoongThal is one of the most loved sweets by the people of Jaipur. Though there are many sweet shops that sell MoongThal, SodhyaHalwai is the most popular of all. Their preparation is excellent as it is made of Pure Ghee, Moong ki Dal, and Kesar. Kesar enhances the flavor and gives an enticing aroma to the MoongThal. The shop is located near Lalji sand ka Rasta in Jaipur.

  • Shree Agarwal Caterers

best sweet shop in jaipur

Shree Agarwal sweets define sweetness in Jaipur. They have been treating the sweet tooth of people with over 200 variety of sweets. Some of their popular sweets are KajuKatli, BadamBarfi, AkhrotBarfi, MawaBarfi, Bengali sweets, Kaju Roll, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, and Rasmalai.

  • Bombay Mishthan Bhandar

best sweet shop in jaipur

Bombay MishthanBhandar is a renowned and old restaurant located at Sanagneri Gate near LMB Hotel. This is an iconic place of Jaipur, which has its own specialties to attract people over here. The shop has a lot to offer from MalaiMalpua, MishriMawa, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Bengali sweets, MoongkaHalwa, and GajarkaHalwa

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