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Best Options for a Chocolate Birthday Cake

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Picking a chocolate birthday cake can be super exciting especially if you are a chocoholic. However, you can be spoiled for choices because there are way too many variations of chocolate cakes from baker to baker. So how do you pick one that best suits you? There are tons of different types of chocolate cakes that you can choose from for your birthday party. Here are a few best sellers that are always in demand and always trending –

Classic chocolate cake
The all time classic chocolate cake can never go out of fashion! This cake is always trending be it in cakes, cupcakes or even pastries! The cake is made of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate sponge cakes layered on top of each other. The cream used between the different layers of the chocolate cakes is a classic chocolate butter cream which can be made from dark chocolate or normal milk chocolate depending on your preferences. To top it up the baker usually adds chocolate sprinkles or shavings along with any other decorations made from different types of chocolates. Since there is a lot of chocolate in this cake, it can get very heavy so stick to cutting to small slices for the guests on your birthday!

Black forest cake
This is also another top seller in the cakes section. The classic black forest consists of soft chocolate sponge cakes layered on top of each other. The cream filling is usually whipped cream. A black forest cake never be complete without cherries! Caramelized cherries are added in the different layers of the cake and fresh cherries are also used for decoration on top of the cake. This is a nice fluffy cake which is not too heavy on the stomach because of the whipped cream used. You can easily order a black forest online cake delivery in Jhunjhunu or any other part of India even last minute because this cake is one of the top sellers in India.

Devil’s food chocolate cake
This is a thick, heavy and dense chocolate cake which is usually made of dark chocolate, dark cocoa powder and heavy chocolate icing. This is heavier than a classic chocolate cake so if you aren’t a big fan of extremely heavy cakes, this might not be the one for you. The cake comprises of 3-4 thin layers of dark chocolate sponge cake stuck together with a think dark chocolate cream. The cake decoration is simple with dark chocolate icing and cocoa powder. These cakes are generally custom made according to the intensity of the dark chocolate for different people.

Chocolate fudge cake
This cake is made of chocolate sponge cake layers, dark chocolate pudding mixed with different nuts and chocolate chips. It is best eaten when warm so that the chocolate pudding becomes a little gooey. This is easily available for online cake delivery in Jaipur or any other small towns as well because it is an all-time favorite! It has a nice crunch and is slightly heavy on the stomach too.

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