Anniversary Awaited Make It Worth Rememberingwith Wedding Cakes and Flowers

Anniversary Occasions

If it is your first wedding anniversary, or the second …. or umpteenth, you are always on the lookout of the most beautiful flower bouquet and the most wonderful cake to present to your spouse, so that she feels really special. You must be aware of the tradition of saving a small piece from your wedding cake, to savour on your first anniversary.
Have you gone through that ritual on your first anniversary?

Those of you getting ready to be wed this year, here is a tip: ask your confectioner that you intend to freeze a part of the cake for the first anniversary. He will take care to make such a layer that would remain safely in the refrigerator for a year.

Celebrating anniversaries in your own special way

If you haven’t saved that last bit of cake from your wedding, don’t be so morose. Cheer up! This is your day. Plan ahead. Go for online flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur. Get it delivered at just as the clock strikes 12 midnight. Then take her to the same confectioners on the next day and enjoy the most delicious anniversary cake with some romantic background music playing. Indulge yourself and order a bottle of champagne as well. This is surely going to bowl her out.


Stay home and celebrate anniversary this year

So, you have decided to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home this year. Great idea! It has been such a long time that you haven’t found a whole day for each other. Do some planning beforehand. Get into some online portal to order the best cake ever and order a bouquet of her most liked flowers from online florists. This will save you the hassles of going to the stores to get them. The online shops will have them gift – wrapped and delivered to your door-steps at the time you ask them to.

Having a big party on anniversary?

So, this year you have decided to throw a party for friends and relatives? Simply smashing idea. You can order beautiful small flower arrangements for the ladies invited to the party, as a return gesture for their honouring the occasion. It would make them feel really special. It would look so different – every beautiful lady present in the room holding a nice bunch of flowers, while your spouse holds the most exotic bouquet in her hands and beams in happiness and pride.

Now comes the issue of the anniversary cake. Often, people have complained of finding the local confectioner closed for the day, when they have gone out to fetch the cake meant especially for the occasion. You must make meticulous planning so that such incidents do not occur in your case. The best option is to order anniversary cakes online.
You will be totally at peace after placing the order, as there is just no chance that the online confectioner will fail to deliver the cake at the right time. Always remember that it is your reference and good feedback that will enhance their business.

Even on occasions when you need to gift something on someone’s anniversary, always consider a nice bunch of flowers and a sumptuous cake for them.

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