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Amazing Atta Cake Recipe for Vegetarians

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There is perhaps someone in the world that doesn’t like that delicious taste of cakes. The way cakes simply melt in your mouth makes them extremely special a dessert. The best thing about cakes is that they are overly versatile in terms of occasions where they can be served. So, whether it is a birthday party, a friends’ get together, an intimate family party or a social gathering, a cake almost always finds place in it. And it’s not just kids who love eating eggs, but even adults enjoy cakes like kids do. And why not! Hands down, cakes taste heavenly, after all! If you too are a cake lover and are looking for some healthy yet delicious vegetarian cake recipes, then here is one that you can check out. Have a look-

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  • The first and most important thing to do, which a lot of people in hurry might skip doing is preheating the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Now, take a large bowl, and put all the dry ingredients in it one by one. The dry ingredients include 2 cups of whole wheat flour, 1-2 cups of sugar or jaggery, half a tablespoon of baking powder, one and a half tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and two tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Mix them well so that the ingredients mix with one another evenly. The dry ingredients that go into the batter must be high quality so that the outcomes you get are fascinating.
  • Now, take 3/4 cup of refined oil and 1 cup of curd in a bowl. Blend the two well. Make sure this bowl is a little spacious because you will have to add the dry ingredients into this bowl. Once you have done that, mix the dry ingredients with the curd mixture really well. Throw in a handful of nuts into the batter for a crunchy effect.
  • Prepare the mixture properly so that it gains a dripping consistency. You will have to achieve this by slowly adding water to the mixture.
  • Take a baking dish and oil its bottom. Pour the batter in it and then put the dish into the oven. Keep it there for around 1 hour and 15 minutes at 170 degrees. Don’t forget to check the progress of the cake at intervals.
  • Once your cake is done, serve it when it cools down. You will get a better taste that way!
  • Although it’s not extremely important to do icing on the cake, you might do so if you like that added dose of cream on your cakes.

This is a dessert you and other members in your family are absolutely going to love! This combination of nuts, cinnamon, curd and whole wheat flour is extremely healthy. You can use this cake to prepare pudding if that’s what you like doing! In every possible way, this cake is going to taste awesome. If, however, baking cakes is not your cup of tea, then you can also go for online cake booking in Jaipur. Online cake ordering and delivery are quite efficient these days.


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