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It is the dream and desire of every person to have at least a small garden in the yard of his home to enhance the beauty of the place and be envied by every neighbour, guest, and onlooker. A garden is indeed a beautiful place where different types of fruit and flower bearing plants grow in different shapes, sizes, and appearances. Some are exotic and the others seasonal. There are many people who have developed a keen passion or hobby for gardening and put in each and every second that they find themselves free to raising their garden and beautifying it.

Basic requirements of flowers to bloom fully

For the flowers to be in full bloom as desired, several basic aspects are to be kept in mind. Some of them are given below:

  • Bright sun: Flower building does take plenty of energy. It is from sunlight that energy is derived by plants. Hence, flowering plants do require full sunlight, with light falling on it for about 6-8 hours regularly, throughout the growing season.

flowers in Jaipur

  • Soil: It is crucial for the soil to be fertile, neither extremely sticky nor sandy and have sufficient organic matter. This will help the soil to drain well. At the same time, it will also invite the plants’ roots and is considered to be crucial to growing a successful flower garden, similar to vegetables. The fact is vegetables like tomatoes and squash develop from flowers. The soil is to be tested for fertility and pH using a soil tester. Discussing with the industry experts will also help to know more about enhancing the nutrients in the soil to make it beneficial for the flower-bearing plants and enable it to grow in full bloom.
  • Perennials and Annuals: There are generally two types of flowering plants. Perennials are those plants with their root systems growing underground and being alive for several years and decades. The plant part above soil could become dormant, dying in the winter season. However, the plant is actually alive, eager to sprout in spring. Being perennials, they bloom just for months or weeks every year. How long and when they will bloom depend upon specific varieties.

Annuals, on the other hand, tend to grow through its entire lifecycle within a single growing season, like sprouting from the seed, growing roots, and leaves, producing flowers, generating seeds, and dying. Gardeners prefer such type as they bloom all the season.

Which one is better?

According to the experts, both annuals and perennials have their own uses. The former is excellent for those places where plenty of flowers are desired. However, more fertilizing, watering, and proper care will be required when compared to perennials. At the same time, planting them year to year can be really a backbreaking task. The perennials offer steady form and structure to any garden. Majority of the gardeners are found to be delighted and excited while waiting for the favourite bloom time to come.

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