7 Flowers Ideal for Gifting This Mother’s Day


A mother is the image of a God! Truly, her undying love, sacrifice and tolerance capacity needs no special mention. She stands as a symbol of strength for her children, guiding them in each and every possible way. So, the best way to give respect and give back the same attention is to gift her some amazing flowers on this Mother’s Day. Instantly bringing a smile to her face and adding a dash of vibrancy, it can truly make this day a memorable one. Flowers signify love and glory and inevitably are a great gifting option just to say that ‘I love you Mom’.

Mother’s Day usually falls on the second Sunday of May. This day is a representation of glorifying motherhood and etching an entire day to spend with her. The best way to start the day is with flowers. Here is a list of some handpicked flowers, which are ideal for gifting in person or online cake and flower delivery in Jaipur. Have a look:

gifts for mother day

  • Tulips – An exotic flower, tulips truly stand as the mark of something unique. Tulip as individual or in a bouquet version makes an amazing appeal. With his curves belching together to form a bloom is just feast for eyes. Red, white or yellow, every colour has its own charm. Gifting a tulip could signify the unique experience that only a mother can levy.
  • Orchid – Another beautiful and unique flower is the orchids. Also popular as a flowering plant, pink orchids are ideal for gifting on Mother’s Day as pink signifies grace and elegance. Another option could be to bucket two or three different shades of orchids and bunch them up in a bouquet format.
  • Peony – Peony stands for honour and hence truly deserves to be the flower for gifting this Mother’s Day. Their blooms are so beautiful that happiness is clearly etched by just having them at the house. Try for a small peony bouquet which is appealing to look at and would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

  • Rose – The most popular of all flowers, roses vouch for a loving and wow appeal. The pink rose could be gifted this Mother’s Day as a mark of the admiration that one beholds for their mothers. Another alternative could be to go with pastel shades such as cream which represents thoughtfulness – a very good way to say thank you for everything!
  • Carnation – A carnation is one flower which stays fresh as bloom for a long time representing the undying love of a mother. Carnations are available in all rainbow hues, and the one of choice can be selected either as individual sticks or in a group for creating an amazing present.
  • Irises – Famous amongst the Christians, Irises symbolize warmth which is comparable to the warmth feeling that only a mother can provide. Blue and wide coloured irises are mostly popular on Mother’s Day eve.
  • Lilac – Etching feminism in its every petal, lilac vouches to celebrate motherhood in its full fervour. An exotic flower, lilac truly serves as something very special.

All these flowers are ideal for making this Mother’s Day a very memorable one to cherish for a lifetime. So, go ahead and show your mother that you really love her.



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