5 Popular Winter Flowers of India


Winter is finally here!  The sun is not harsh and the winds are balmy. It is the time to plant and enjoy the colourful bunch of flowers, both indoors and in the garden.

It is the best time to arrange for flower delivery in Jaipur as many bright flowers are available. If you have a green thumb, you can grow these flowers in containers inside home or in flower beds in the garden.


Some of the winter flowers in India are:

Petunias:They are some of the most popular among annual flowering plants. They grow quickly and are famous for lovely blooms in purple, pink, yellow, white and red. Petunia seeds can be sown where there is cool temperature. The plant grows from 6 inches to 4 feet. They are ideal for planters and hanging baskets. One must take extra care as seeds are tiny. Before sowing seed, prepare the potting mix, followed by watering and draining of soil. Sprinkle seeds atop soil and push them down gently. Do not cover and allow them to germinate in sunlight.

Celosia or Cockscomb:It is a hardy annual which grows to 1.2 meters tall. Celosia is also known as cockscomb which flower from summer to autumn. Celosia has pink or yellow flowers. Grow them in big groups and they germinate from 5 days to 2 weeks. They need full sunlight or slight shade. They need moist, ordinary soil with regular watering and plenty of light.

Cineraria:They are averse to hot, dry climates. They must be grown in partial or full shade and in slightly acidic, well drained, rich soil, filled with compost. Water regularly to maintain soil moist. But do not over water.

Zinnia:They are grown for brightly coloured flowers. They are propagated using seeds. Seeds must be sown from April to May. Sprinkle seeds on top of soil so they are exposed to sunlight, needed for germination. Keep the soil moist and use a plastic bag to cover and maintain humidity. Within a week, seeds will sprout. This plant can grow in any type of soil from sandy to loamy. For better results, add compost or leaves mulch. These flowers thrive in sunlight and slight shade.

Marigold:It is the easiest flower to grow. These annual plants are resplendent in white, yellow, copper, gold, red, orange and a mix of colours. They bloom from mid-summer till winter. Select the size and colour that suits your garden or indoor container. Grow them next to potato, chili pepper, eggplant and tomato,as they help to keep away insects. Get marigold saplings form nursery. Dig a hole with a trowel in the container and place the sapling inside it. Arrange potting soil to cover the roots. In containers, marigolds can be placed much closer than in flower beds. Permit 3 inches between small varieties and nearly 5 inches for huge varieties of marigolds. Keep marigolds such that the plants may be exposed to sunlight for nearly 6-8 hours a day. You may utilize any type of soil that is well drained. It needs to be watered occasionally.

These are the ways to grow some winter flowers of India. Send flowers to Jaipur for loved ones, picking the best flowers from your garden. If you don’t have garden to grow flowers, no worries; you can always buy online or from your nearest florist.



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