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5 important points to keep in mind while planning kid’s birthday party

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If there is one thing that kids enjoy a lot, it is their birthday parties. Perhaps, the decorated room, the cake, friends and the special attention that they get all add up to the setting. And hence, it becomes imperative to plan out every excruciating detail to ensure that the best is planned for them. With so many things going on, having a to-do list or a checklist of some sort can be helpful. Here are some things which will definitely find its way into the important highlights of the checklist.

  • Prepare a guest list – The very basic step while planning a kid’s birthday party is to prepare a guest list. Jot down names of your child’s friend and send them personalised cards, or messages as a gesture for an invitation. Make sure, to make an estimated guest list and have a little buffer to ensure that nothing falls short.
  • Order cake – The next very important step is to order a cake. Offline or online mode can be selected for the same. There are various portals that offer online birthday cake delivery in Jaipur along with a special request for customization. Select on design, flavour, and size of the cake depending on the number of guest. Flavours of chocolate and black forest in particular are very popular with kids. Further, lots of options for designs are also available today. Here is a list of the trending cakes:
    • Photo printed cakes – As the name suggests, one can get any kind of photo imprinted on the surface of the cake- it could be a solo photo or photo with some scenic background.
    • Fondant Cake –The concept of fondants have taken designer cakes to the next level. Any kind of shape or structure can be developed from this fondant and they impart dark hues which enrich the entire appeal
    • Tier Cakes – For a big gathering, tier cakes are again a good choice. Go for two or three tiers as per requirement. Placing the tiers on rods also looks ravishing
    • Theme cake – Owing to technological advancement preparing a theme cake is today every easy. So, name a theme like cricket ground or a Barbie doll and you get the replica of the same.

online birthday cake delivery in Jaipur

  • Narrow down on food items – While planning food, go for items such as noodles and pasta along with chocolate fudge which are popular amongst the kids’ taste buds. Ensure that very fewer spices are used in the items.
  • Plan some fun games – A kid’s party is incomplete without games. Plan out a range of games that will keep the kids engrossed all the time while imparting a fun quotient. Make sure that the games are risk free.
  • Buy return gift – Now this is the part which most of the kids look forward to. A return gift with some chocolate pieces and stationery items such as pencil box could easily make the kids happy. Another alternative could be to create a goodies bag.

Keep these points in mind and plan out a fun and frolicking birthday party that your kid will relish for a lifetime.

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