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5 Gardening Mistakes that will make you go to the Florist

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Fresh flowers are one of the easiest ways to bring a smile on anyone’s face. However, it is not an easy deal to grow these beauties in your backyard. Those of you who have not been blessed with a green thumb can still gift your near and dear ones with pretty flowers by getting them from online florists. Online flower shops to send flowers to Jaipur or any other city are a saviour even if you have a garden as there is a very high chance that your garden will not produce the same quality of flowers as the florist shops stock. And, here is why –

  1. You do not have enough space

You urban gardens on your rooftop or even backyard can never match up to the vast area of horticultures. The more space you have, the more variety of flowers you can grow as well as have a greater quality of yield. When you cram too many plants into your gardening area, they start competing with each other for nutrient or sunlight or water, which makes them have an inferior yield.

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  1. Misunderstanding the soil

Every plant loves a different kind of soil and thrives best when they are planted accordingly. However, in your own personal garden, it can be quite a challenge to not only understand what the individual needs of your plants are but also difficult to arrange for the different soil types. It is also difficult to keep a check on the soil’s pH when you are not a commercial florist and often prove to be quite expensive for your little garden.

  1. Overwatering

If you are putting your plants in planters, you run a risk of overwatering them. Firstly, plants in pots require less water than the ones on the ground of horticultures. And secondly, often time you fail to monitor the drainage of the plant which lead to a nasty water logging situation which can rotten the rots and cause a variety of diseases in plant thereby giving you really bad yield or none at all.

  1. Underwatering

As much as you run the risk of overwatering your plants, you may also dry them out quite a bit by not watering them enough. When you have a busy professional life or you leave your home for a vacation your plants are often ignored and do not get watered regularly which can ultimately kill them in the long run.

  1. Hurting the root system

The soil around the plants, whether potted or on the ground, needs to be aerated every now and then to let the plant breathe freely and for easy percolation of water and nutrients. However, often times the digging does more harm than good to the plant when done recklessly with a trowel. You can also cause tears in the roots when you pluck out the weeds around the plant. But weeding needs to be done well or else the weeds will not only make your garden look super shabby but also eat away the entire nutrients you served your plant.

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