5 amazing ideas to surprise her on your first wedding anniversary

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Waiting for your first anniversary? Wondering about giving the best surprise to your wife, still confused? Here are some options that will definitely help you to plan the best surprise for her and to make her feel loved on your first wedding anniversary. Choose what you think is the best for your better half and enjoy your day.

  1. Bring her 365 roses

It sounds easy but it is the best way to tell her how she has fragranced each day of your life like these roses. Every girl loves roses and 365 roses would be a great surprise for day. You can deliver that roses for your home or you can also bring all by yourself. 365 roses, each one is for every beautiful day you have spent together in this one year.

  1. Her favorite cake

Most of the girls are fond of sweets, cakes, chocolates and an anniversary celebration without cake is just incomplete. So make sure you know her choice in cakes. You can also order cake online and surprise by delivering it on your door step. Girls love surprises! And when it comes to cake, she will fall in love with your surprise. Online shops can deliver cakes to your own home. Whether you want to Order cake in Bhilwara or Kota, they will deliver where ever you want.

  1. Throw a surprise party

From a month before your anniversary, start pretending that you are not planning anything for that day. And surprise her on the day by inviting her close friends and family to be the part of your celebration. After marriage, girls often miss their friends and family. Inviting them all will be a great surprise for her.

  1. Take her on a date

Planning a surprising romantic date would be a great idea. You can surprise her by gifting a beautiful dress you want her to wear on that day. Leave a cute note, written on it, “get ready, I m waiting!” she will love to wear that dress to go on a surprise date arranged by you. After date you can also order a cake of your first wedding anniversary celebration. Surprise her by ordering it online. Do not forget to mention the right location. Let’s say if you living in Bhilwara, and you want an online cake delivery in Bhilwara, you have to mention your location.

  1. Spend whole day with her

You might be so busy in your work that you do not get enough time to spend with her. It is time to take a break from your work and spend whole day with your wife. You can plan a movie, lunch, shopping and dinner. It is also good for you both to do some fun for whole day. Keep giving her small surprises so that she can remember her first wedding anniversary forever.


These tips will help you to make her feel special, blessed and loved on that day. But do not forget to keep doing such things for her in order to make your life a lot easier and happier.

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