online flower delivery in Jodhpur

3 Surprise Elements to Send Your Loved Ones

online flower delivery in Jodhpur

Surprising a loved one on their special day be it a birthday, anniversary or even just a simple day where you just want them to know that you are thinking of them. These days there are so many different gifting sites where you can pick extremely affordable gifting items for your loved ones and have them delivered directly to your loved one’s house! You no longer need to worry too much about buying the item from a mall, getting it gift wrapped and then figuring out the delivery for it.

Here are some of the best surprise elements that you can easily buy online and gift your loved ones to make their special day even more special!


Flowers are a classic gift and one can never really get bored of flowers. These are also some of the most convenient gifting items to surprise your loved ones with! You can easily order these at any gifting shop online and place an online flower delivery in Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai or anywhere across the country for minimal delivery charges. You can customize your flowers in a bouquet, basket, vase and many other such décor items which the person can later use in their house. You can add a cute little greeting card with personalized wishes in the flower bouquet or basket. If you want to deliver these flowers at a specific time during the day, you can give these instructions to the e-gifting sites and they will do the needful!

Gourmet chocolates

Don’t send just any chocolates; gourmet chocolates are the best gifts for surprise elements. Not only can these chocolates be completely customized as per your preferences, these also come in beautiful assorted gift boxes with all the chocolates placed in them. You can order gourmet chocolates from any reputed bakery in the country or even directly order them online. Many e-gifting websites that do online flower delivery in Jodhpur or cake delivery in Mumbai also customize chocolates for their customers. You can also have cute messages printed on the cover of their chocolates for that extra fancy touch! These are generally inexpensive and can easily fit your budget.

Box of customized cupcakes

Everyone loves cake in one form or another and cupcakes are the cutest versions of cake gifting that everyone loves! You can customize an entire box of cupcakes for your loved ones with different flavors, different frostings and also have some cute messages carved out or printed on these cupcakes! You can easily find these at your local bakery and patisserie. A lot of high-end bakeries do complete customizations from the size of the cupcake to the flavor and so on but these can get a little too expensive. If you do have the budget for that, then definitely go for a gourmet box of cupcakes. The high-end bakeries also have some of the prettiest packaging so that’s a bonus point! You can ask them to add a customized note inside the box on your behalf as well.

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