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3 Simple Tips When Planning Your Girlfriend’s Surprise Birthday Party

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It’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you are planning to throw her a surprise birthday party on the eve of her birthday. The entire idea sounds exciting and easy to execute however, it is easier said than done. Surprise birthday parties involve a lot of planning and coordination between a group of people to ensure that the ‘surprise element’ isn’t jeopardised. Paying attention to details is necessary when surprising someone with their birthday party.

Here are a few simple tips which you can follow to make sure you throw the best surprise birthday party for your girlfriend –

Decorate with her favorite flowers
Decorating the house with balloons and birthday décor is common and very cliché. For your girlfriend’s surprise birthday party, get the house or her bedroom completely decked up with her favorite flowers. You can purchase flowers, flowers baskets and bouquets online at any gifting websites that send flowers to Kota, Udaipur or any other part of India for minimal shipping charges. You can also surprise her with her favorite flower bouquet at her work place or her house! Nothing is more romantic and refreshing than a bunch of flowers to brighten up a person’s mood and day.

Invite only her closest friends and family
A lot of the times people tend to go all out and invite the entire friend circle and a lot of family members for a person’s surprise party. It is important to ensure you invite only your girlfriend’s closest family members along with a handful of her closest friends and best friends. You don’t want to put your girlfriend in an awkward situation on the eve of her birthday by inviting people she doesn’t want to meet in the first place! In order to do this, you need to ensure you take notice of the friends she hangs out with the most and the closest family members that she talks to the most.

Don’t go over the top
While you are excited to throw an outstanding surprise birthday party for your girlfriend which you would want her to talk about for years to come, it is important to not go over the top with the ‘surprise element’. This is simply because you will end up raising the bar too high for the next birthday! Not just that, it might make it awkward for your girlfriend when it’s your birthday because she might just find it difficult to match the bar that you have set. Always gift people in a limit where they don’t feel overwhelmed to match up to you. While you can easily send flowers to Kota, Bangalore or even Sikkim using online flower delivery websites, buying extremely expensive gifts just to surprise your girlfriend might be a little overboard.

Keep these 3 simple tips in mind when planning out your girlfriend’s surprise birthday party and be assured that you will not only throw one of the best birthday party’s for her but also one that is not too over the top and expensive.

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