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3 Best Cakes for Your Chocoholic Friend’s Birthday


There are a lot of different cakes on the market, but chocolate lovers always love to go with their chocolate cakes. If it is your chocoholic friend’s birthday and you need to decide on a cake, the best option would be a chocolate cake. There are a lot of different flavors combinations and variations of chocolate cakes these days, so how do you decide?

Here are some of the best flavors to pick for a cake if you are planning to surprise your chocoholic friend on their birthday –

Classic chocolate cake

This is the simplest and easily available cakes that you can find at any bakery on online gifting website that takes online cake order in Kota or anywhere across India. The classic chocolate cake is made of layers of chocolate sponge cake stuck together with thick chocolate buttercream topped with a milk chocolate frosting. Dark chocolate and white chocolate shavings are added on top to brighten up the entire look. A lot of bakers also make this in a dark chocolate variant that is slightly more bitter than a classic milk chocolate cake which is not preferred by everyone. This is a quite heavy cake, so a small slice is more than enough for one serving.

White chocolate cake

For those people who aren’t very fond of milk chocolate cakes, a lot of gourmet bakeries make customized white chocolate cakes that are a treat to the eye. The cake is made of different layers of vanilla sponge cake stuck together with extremely thick buttercream with a hint of vanilla. The frosting is of white milk cream and white chocolate shavings are used on top to add a more fluffy and airy look to the cake. In order to make this cake stand out even more, a lot of bakers add edible silver dust and edible pearls on the cake for decoration. This adds a more sheen to the cake. This is a heavy cake due to the intensity of the butter in the cream.

Chocolate coffee cake

This cake is a perfect combination of chocolate in milk and dark flavors combined with the bitterness of coffee. This flavor combination has quickly become famous in cakes, pastries as well as gourmet chocolates! The cake is made up different layers of chocolate sponge cake stuck together with a chocolate buttercream intensified with coffee powder. Most bakers prefer using milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate for these cakes to cut out the bitterness of the coffee. This cake will definitely have your senses rolling and make you want to have more than just one slice! Not every bakery has the cake, so you will need to custom order it at any bakery that does online cake order in Kota as well as delivery.

Apart from getting her a cake, you can also add a customized bouquet with her favorite flavors all put together in a beautifully wrapped bouquet with a personal handwritten note. This will surely put a smile on her face!

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