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1% of Return Love to my Mother

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Hi Readers,
This is Namay Trivedi.

Today I am sharing my gifting story. This story is based on my mother. Actually I am a resident of Jaipur but live in Delhi for my job. My mother and father live in Jaipur.

It was my mother’s birthday last week and I was really happy because I am generally able to visit home only on some special occasions. It becomes very difficult for me to travel from Delhi to Jaipur every weekend. That is why I visit Jaipur only during festivals and some special days.

Last week I made a surprise plan for my mother on her birthday. I called my mother and said that there is a lot of work in the office, so I will not be able to come to Jaipur this time. My mother understands me and my feelings very well, that is why she too accepted my words without any selfishness and did not force me too much to take a leave. Yes, it was clear from her voice that she was a bit unhappy about this, but still, she spoke normally and agreed with me.

But she did not know that this birthday is going to be her one of the best birthdays. So, I took a leave on real and booked a cab. I packed my luggage and was ready and waiting for the cab to pick me up from my PG. The cab came just after 5 minutes and at that time I was just imagining about what is going to happen next.

I was in the cab now and still was planning what to do next for making this surprise more amazing. So, I called my dad and told him everything about this surprise. He was happy and proud that I care about them, I could feel that. Then I told him to take mother on dinner outside and leave the key of the house to the watchman.

Just after ending the call with my father, I searched the best online cake delivery sites in Jaipur and found seems to be helpful to me. They have a high rating on Google and have positive reviews. Plus, their cakes were looking fascinating to me. I am well aware of my mother’s likes and dislikes and there is lots of cake my mother would love.

After an intense thinking, I decided to buy the Kesar Pista Cake with a Purity Tribute Necklace. It was 4 pm and half of the distance was remaining. I placed the order for the cake with all the credentials and paid with PayPal.

When I reached home near about 6:30 pm, hopefully, my father took mom for dinner at that time. I took the keys from Vijay uncle (our watchman) and started to make preparations. I called my childhood friend Shanant and visited the market for some party celebration essentials.

Till then, I received the call from the Giftjaipur delivery personnel. He was waiting for me and we just rushed back to the house, received the parcel and started to decorate the living room. We were ready with all the preparations and suddenly dad’s car entered from the main gate. I turned the lights off. My mom opened the door and Shanant turned the lights on………. “Surprise!!!” we shouted loudly and my mom was just too much happy.

She hugged me with tears in her eye and I also cried a little bit. I remembered that she told me this was something unnatural to her. She also loved the cake and the necklace. For me, it was only 1% of the return love to what I received for the whole life from my mother. I am thankful to everyone who helped me to plan this, especially for the fastest and on-time delivery for the cake and the gift. They stood still on my expectations.

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