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With our global presence, we have more relations and occasions to celebrate. In all these celebrations, when we plan for events, we are left often confused about arranging food for it. It is indeed important to plan the perfect menu for all types of events. That is why catering is a major part of all parties. If food is good, the celebration turns out more successful and happier. Another confusion arises when we think of choosing the good catering service provider. We are here to solve your problem in a minute. You can order for all types of fast food and party menu online at GiftJaipur. You can get the fast food online delivery in Neemrana, Bhilwara, Hanumangarh, Boondi, Sri Ganganagar, Pilani apart from Jaipur. Take a look at our cuisine here.

An informal party with corporate colleagues

If you are planning for corporate parties, you may not want to choose traditional Indian cuisine. Instead look for some tasty Pizzas. You will find a variety of finely baked pizzas such as capsicum onion pizza, cheese pizza, or if you want spicy one, then you may like chilli paneer pizza. Besides pizza, you can think of burger. We have mouth watering veg burger in the store for you. You could also think of noodle delight, order for veg chowmein. In addition, you will need some delicious mocktails. If you want to have some more variety for people who would prefer something lighter, don’t forget to have sandwich on menu card. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic menu for your colleagues? These snacks would perfectly suit the occasion and strengthen your bond with colleagues. If you are planning for a dinner, then you may like a combination of aloo Paratha with Dahi (curds) and fried rice. Or you may wish to have the full executive Thali. That suits a dinner party well.

Party with friends

Enjoy the friendship day with a small get together. The menu for this could be any pizza or burger. You may also want to have Indian peppery snacks like Chilli potato, chhole tikki, chhole bhature and so on. That would make you all go nostalgic about your good old days when you would often hang out and eat these items. So, when you meet after some gap, rejuvenate your memories with the tastes you once shared and loved. You can add a cold drink to the party and enjoy your chat with your best friends.

Party with relatives

It is the season of festivals starting with Rakhi. We have multiple occasions to meet and have get togethers with relatives during this time. For all of such parties, you will prefer a traditional cuisine. We have a grand traditional menu for your requirement. All those dishes which you enjoyed having cooked in your family, like Aloo Paratha, fried rice, you can find at GiftJaipur. Aloo Paratha with Dahi is a favourite of all people and a perfect family food. To be more traditional and fuller in taste, you can think of an executive Thali too. This includes all those items which your mom always provided you at home. If you prefer a lighter food, then you can go for a traditional Indian fast food like Pav Bhaji or Chhole Bhature. You can add Lassi or Butter milk to it. That will be a perfectly family celebration.

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