Capture the moment - Bringing the smiling faces till you

"Happiness isn't getting what you want; it wants what you got." This is an unknown quote which is perfectly applied to everyone’s life. The value of those emotional moments is timeless, thoughtless and priceless. You will not get the moments back with the particular emotion. Nothing can replace the moment but capturing those moments is a very effective idea so that one can feel the replica of the moment whenever he looks back.

Every one wants to get involved in their loved one's celebration, but due to life's other commitment, it is always not possible. As an alternative, a person can send his best wishes with cake, flower and gifts. The recipient person will thank the sender later but the moment when recipient receives the gifts and the smile and ultimate expression that person shows cannot be replicated. That moment is timeless and thoughtless because the same thought cannot come naturally.

What is Capture the Moment

This is a service that we offer exclusively for our customers to feel the moment of how recipient felt when he/she receives the gift. We capture that moment in our camera at the time of delivery and send it to you your email. With your due permission and your loved ones', we will click the picture of the recipient with the GIFTs that you ordered.

How to avail Capture the Moment service?

You have to click on the checkbox - "Capture the Moment" while adding product to your cart. By doing that we will add this service along with your order. You can avail this facility without any cose and feel the happiness in online gifting.
Note - We will not use this picture anywhere for our promotion. We will send this/these picture to your mail id only.

So go ahead and Celebrate Relations even when you are away !!!

Following terms and conditions are applicable on Capture the Moment service:

  1. We will send captured pictures within 24 hours after delivery of order is made.
  2. If recipient refuses to get pictures clicked or if he/she is not available to receive order.
  3. Pictures will be clicked at the time of delivery only. Requests like of taking picture while cutting cake etc. are liable to be rejected

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